Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress (Book 1)

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♥ Finalist for the 2015 North Street Book Prize!

Clarissa Hargrove thinks prom sucks. She’s been protesting it for weeks, but the conformist sheep that go to Redvale High could care less. Not one single girl has ditched her prom gown in the name of feminism, except for Clarissa’s loyal, underappreciated BFF Cokie. But Clarissa is still on a mission to save more souls–she’ll be at prom, with her bullhorn and picket signs, telling girls they have one last chance to ditch their hooker heels and claim their independence before high school is over. That night, Clarissa drags Cokie to school to protest, but almost everyone at prom has turned into flesh-eating monsters. Trapped in a high-school zombie hellhole, the girls realize they’ve never taken a chance on love, and set out on dangerous quest to save their crushes.

But there’s one teensy little problem. Clarissa is vegan and hates violence of any kind. Will Cokie and Clarissa survive?

A hilarious mashup of pop culture hits like Daria, Mean Girls, and Shaun of the Dead, VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Praise for VTZH:
“…a geektastic thrill ride you won’t want to miss.” – SJ Holetz, co-host, The BoneBat Show
“I’m probably going to read it again, it was that good.” – Damian Legion, cohost of Z.E.D.D. Radio
“Tastier than a bucket of brains.” – Karen Kincy, author of OTHER and SHADOWS OF ASPHODEL

Stoners vs. Moaners (Book 2)svm_ebookcover_withbuybutton

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Sometimes you just want to relax with your best friend.
But the universe has other plans.

In the laugh-out-loud funny follow-up to VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS, 
we meet Joe and Mike, two other kids from Redvale High, the dudes who used to steal brownies from Clarissa’s anti-prom table. 

Joe and Mike are staying in on prom night, with the intent 
of celebrating the end of high school, except Joe feels bad after a 
run-in with one of Dad’s friends, who reminds him that his high school career was a waste and he might be a loser. Then, he and Mike end up having to babysit little sister Ruby, a three-year-old wild child and escape artist. So much for partying.

When Ruby ends up back upstairs with Mom, Joe and Mike finally celebrate with the aid of some special brownies. Except they don’t make Joe feel any better. He only feels worse—much worse. 
Completely sick and baked out of his mind, he crawls upstairs 
to tell his parents he’s sorry for getting bad grades at school, except…everyone at home has gone zombie, and Ruby has escaped again.

Will Joe and Mike save Ruby from the dark, zombie-laced woods? 
And will they cross paths with Clarissa, Lila, 
Jaime, and a mysterious Ghost Samurai on the way?

Praise for SVM:
“Zombie lovers will love this series.” – A 5-star fan review
“…funny as hell. ” – A 5-star fan review