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How writing a book is like crossing the street in Rome

Several years back, my husband and I took our first long vacation in the entire history of our marriage. We chose Rome, one of the most historic places on Earth, where almost everything is beautiful, and romantic twilight strolls are a must.

There comes a point in your stroll where you have the cross the street, and things get serious. (By now you’ve heard what Italian driving is like.) Imagine this: you’re standing on the sidewalk beside Piazza Venezia, watching the chaos of cars swirling. You sweat a little. You look both ways, scanning for an entry point. You sweat some more. You step out, then you second-guess your decision, freezing and jumping back. Your significant other is screaming at you from the other side because stalling can get you killed. You try again, this time being decisive, going the full distance. You survive.

Congratulations. This is also how you complete a book.

The conditions will never be perfect. Take that first step, and commit.
Go all the way. Don’t look back.

See you on the other side.

Video of traffic in Rome’s Piazza Venezia by Lev Naginsky