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Laughing in the face of horror: The Bonebat Festival!

Image courtesy of Bonebat Festival

Image courtesy of Bonebat Festival. Used with permission.

Oh yeah, baby.

April 26th can’t come fast enough! The Bonebat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival is one of the things I look forward to the most every year in Seattle, even more than I look forward to the rain stopping. Every winter and spring I check the Bonebat Festival website repeatedly, waiting for tix to go on sale like a lab monkey looking for its next food pellet. The festival is a full afternoon and evening of “giggles and gore,” as described by organizers Steve and Gord, also the producers of the Bonebat show podcast. The festival is THE place to see the latest and greatest comedic horror shorts and feature length films before anyone else.

Sure, I could sit around my house and wait for all these to come out on Netflix, but, that’s really boring. Plus, I enjoy being the first to know about a good horror flick. I like to casually toss out over dinner, “Yeah, I saw Deadheads last week, but you can’t get it on Netflix yet.” (At the time, you couldn’t.) Or, “Dude, you have to see Grabbers. It is hilarious.” Yup, I’m that person. And you can be too. BUT—there is only a handful of tix left. Boost your horror-lover street cred and get yours now. There will be werewolves, zombies, demons and more!

Need more convincing? Here are some trailers!

I believe in this festival so much I sponsored it on Kickstarter. And I’m even bringing some laughs of my own: I’ll be doing a reading from my forthcoming comedic zombie novel at 8:40 p.m. Will I see you there?