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LIFE is HARD. Or, why Book 2 is late.

This is not my kid, but merely an image to show you how stressful my life got. Photo credit: By Evan-Amos - Own work, Public Domain,

This is not my kid, but merely an image to show you how stressful my life got. Photo credit: By Evan-Amos – Own work, Public Domain,

I promised over a month ago that I’d let you know when Book 2 was going to be released, then it didn’t happen for reasons I will explain below. In a nutshell, life got CRAY. Here’s the story:

In early May, I got the 4th draft of STONERS VS MOANERS back from my editor (he loved it!). He had a few teeny suggestions for me, which I then addressed as quickly as I could. The final draft was done. YAY!

The next step was getting the book into production. The book cover* was done back in early May, then the interior of both the paperback and e-book edition were supposed to be created.

But then I hit a big snag. Life happened in a colossal way, and I lost 6 weeks from my production schedule. I was sick most of May (food poisoning twice!) and also injured my right hand enough to lose the use of it for several weeks. Then I got sick from a really bad reaction to antibiotics, sick enough to be forced to lie down and do nothing for days at a time. I also couldn’t keep food down very well and lost 8 pounds. THEN, just when things were getting better, we were all in a bad car accident Memorial Day weekend. We emerged from our totaled vehicle with some minor bruises and whiplash, but it could have been way, way worse. As in, deadly. We were very, very lucky.

Oh yeah, one more thing: 5 days after our car accident, our dog escaped and came back very quickly with severe enough injuries to need emergency room treatment. He’s better now, after several vet visits and $400 of medical treatments, but let’s just say life has been a swift kick in the hinie.

So it’s easy to see why my first plan to release Book 2 this June is a wash.

But I’m not going to beat myself up. Life happens. I was in a bad way for a while and needed to take care of myself. (And kudos to my hubs for all the care he gave me when I was really unwell.) As far as how I’m feeling these days, my right hand still isn’t quite healed yet, and the day job that pays my bills is where I have to use my hand when it’s feeling well. Our car accident has reduced us to one car, and hubs is graciously letting me use his, but I’m giving him lots of rides so that he doesn’t have a two-hour commute to work each day on public transit. So life is still kind of hard, and we are taking things one day at a time.

When the book finally comes out, though, and it will, it’ll be worth the wait. Here’s my new release plan:

  • I plan on having the PAPERBACK edition ready by mid-to-late August.
  • There will be a PDF sneak preview edition available for my best peeps a little before the paperback. Sign up for my email list!
  • The KINDLE edition may come out later than the paperback, because working with e-book formatters is time consuming. (So. Much. Proofreading!)
  • I’m thinking about doing an audio book version too, but that may come by winter. I’ll drop another line when the paperback is ready. Wish me luck!

In other news:

  • A post-apocalyptic story of mine was just accepted into the “Enter the Apocalypse” anthology series from Tanstaafl Press. I’ll ping ya when you can buy a copy! (I think it’ll be ready for Christmas.) Btw, the more interest you show toward this anthology, the more I will get paid. 😀 Thanks in advance!
  • I’m writing a funny story for inclusion into the Middletown Apocalypse 2 Anthology, where ten writers will each give their unique take on a virus-induced zed outbreak. It should be available this October. Curious? See Middletown Apocalypse 1.  I’m not in Middletown 1, but it’ll give you the gist of how the Middletown Series works. I think my story will make you snarf out your drink.

And some events:

  • On July 27 at Café Racer in Seattle, I’ll be a featured reader at Two-Hour Transport, a science fiction and fantasy reading series. I will probably read from Book 2 to whet your appetite for its release, as well as other things. Prepare to laugh, to cry, to get French fries stuck in your nose. When the official event announcement is made, I’ll share again.
  • Bibilophilia is an awesome 3-day event in August celebrating the emerging talent in Seattle’s lit scene, and I’ll be there, reading some of my work. In fact, I’ll be the event’s closing performance on Saturday night, August 6 at 10 pm, which will be amazing. Everyone will leave on a high-energy buzz. This will happen at the Pocket Theater in Greenwood. Be there, or be a sad-faced monkey. When the official event announcement is made, I’ll share again.


That’s it for now. Thank you for your patience during this trying time. My fans are what keeps me going! xoxo

* Cover reveal happening soon!

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