Short Stories & Poetry

Here’s a list of my of currently published, soon-to-be published, and award-winning short stories and poems.

I’m also working on a collection of feminist short fiction that explores myth, fairy tale, magic, female sexuality, female rage, and female monstrosity, and the work will be influenced by the story-telling culture of my Italian heritage (I am the daughter of immigrants) as well as my connection to nature.

The Miraculous Ones
Forthcoming from StrangeHouse Press in 2020, in the NOT ALL MONSTERS anthology, featuring women-driven horror.

The Disappearance
Published in Speculative City, issue 2, August 2018
A feminist retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale that’s also a critique of Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood, told as a story about magic and magicians.

Meditation at the Waterfall of the Gods
Winner of the Spirit First Poetry Prize, first place, August 2018.
Finalist for the Iceland Writing Retreat Contest.

What the Wolf Taught
Published on Corvid Queen, a magazine of feminist fairy tales, February 2018
The story of a she-wolf as catalyst for feminine awakening via returning to wildness.

The Feeding
A dark mermaid fantasy inspired by my Italian heritage and travels to the Amalfi coast.
Published in the Goddesses of the Sea anthology by Fantasia Divinity magazine, February 2018

The Burn
Available in The Other Side of Violet, an anthology from Great Weather for Media, August 2017, and finalist for The Offbeat Flash Fiction Prize, 2016, judged by Michael Martone
Also nominated for the 2018 Best Small Fictions anthology, judged by Aimee Bender.

for Charles Bukowski
A poem commemorating Charles Bukowski’s birthday, written as a response to his Bluebird poem and his own birthday poems
Published in The Iron Horse Literary Review, vol. 19.2, National Poetry Month issue.

The Joy of Being Alive
Finalist for 2017 So to Speak Literature + Art contest, judged by Laura Ellen Scott
A short story set in a near future Seattle. Suburban isolation, clone-droids of lost loved ones, and landscaping that never dies.
Published in the So to Speak 2017 contest issue.

Let the Wild Ones Gather Them Home (formerly The Gift)
Published in ellipsis…, vol 53, April 2017, and finalist for the 2015 ScreenCraft Short Story Prize (as The Gift)
A quietly unnerving story of miscarriage, post-partum isolation, and what happens when the boundary between humans and nature erodes.

A prose poem published by Matter Press in the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Feb. 2017

The Things You Don’t Know
Part of the Middletown 2 zombie anthology, January 2017
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The Summer of Infinite Possibilities
Won 4th Place Honorable Mention in the Molotov Cocktail Flash Phenom Contest 2016
A boy enters a carnival fun house with his best friend…and doesn’t come out the same way.
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instructions for becoming an avian species
Experimental poem published in Iconoclast magazine, issue #113, July 2016

Critical Mass (formerly Genetic Tendencies)
Finalist for New Millennium Writing’s 40th Flash Fiction Award, and long-listed for the Hourglass International Poetry Prize
A feminist prose poem about claiming your space, published on The Seventh Wave, August 2016
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The Last Dance
Winner, Litreactor “Teleport Us” Sci-Fi Writing Challenge 2013
A robot caregiver to an elderly woman finds old love letters from her dead husband and attempts to process their meaning as she’s dying.
Read it in Pop Seagull’s Robotica anthology, published in October 2015 and available on Amazon.

Jack and The Guardians
A funny, bittersweet tale about a 90-year-old man who has begun to see ghosts, and the drama that follows.
Easy Street Magazine, Dec 2015.
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The Ringer
A man banished to a frozen wasteland with a kettle of coins comes to a horrific realization about why he’s there.
First appeared on my blog in Dec. 2014. Reprinted in Deathlehem Revisited – 2015 Holiday Horror Charity Anthology benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
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(the danger of becoming small)
Funny feminist flash fiction published by Lunch Ticket literary magazine, Dec 2015.
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The Ghosts of Second Children
Published by Evil Girlfriend Media on EGM Shorts, June 2015
An abortion doctor working for a totalitarian regime cannot have children of her own, and is haunted by the souls of her victims.
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The Emancipation of Jules Jones
A dark feminist transgender Western written under the pseudonym of Janna Darkovich, published by Pulp Modern in their DANGEROUS WOMEN issue, Summer 2015.
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The Circle of Life
Flash fiction for Books of the Dead Press, May 2014
An unusual wooden ring found at a second-hand shop surprises its new wearer with its sinister past.

The Black Dog of Porto Negro
Finalist for 2012 PNWA literary award—unpublished
While waiting for his lost-at-sea father, a boy from a coastal fishing village brings home a new friend who isn’t what he seems.

The House of Butterflies
1st Place, Winner Summer 2012 Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest
A butterfly scientist and an obsessed, emotionally-compromised teen outcast have a conversation with potentially dark consequences.
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