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So what the heck is going on with book 2: STONERS vs. MOANERS?

By now, most of you—my fave peeps—have read VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS, and in doing so, you were treated to a preview of book 2, Stoners vs. Moaners. A sample chapter was tucked at the end of VTZH.

(For those of you missed it, go back to VTZH and look for it. It’s cool. I’ll wait.)

Now that everyone’s on the same page, let me fill you in. Stoners vs. Moaners is the story of two other kids from Clarissa’s high school, Joe and Mike, on the very same night as the prom disaster. Joe and Mike aren’t going to prom either; instead they’re hanging out at Joe’s and babysitting his little sister, who is something of an escape artist. And once little sis goes to sleep, the boys, uh, partake of their favorite green substance.

You know where I’m going with this.

The Z-poc breaks out, little sis gets lost, and everything goes to poop in a really big way. And there’s nothing like trying to navigate a world gone to hell when you might, uh, have a dubious substance inside of you that makes you feel like you’re running in slow motion.

And maybe Joe admits he’s had a few too many of Clarissa’s brownies at school, and is therefore a little flabby, which also makes his running abilities questionable. A terrible thing during the Z-poc, no?

And maybe Joe’s really sad because some really, really bad things happened to some people he cares about that night. Ugly, awful things. Things he can’t un-see.

Before you say, oh dear sweet baby Jeebus, not another stoner comedy, let me tell you a few more things.

Unlike the characters in most stoner comedies, Joe and Mike are multi-dimensional guys. They are smart, they get plenty of character development and have a complex emotional range. Joe has an extremely high IQ, but decided to get off the fast track at school because the pressure was too intense. Joe’s dad is disappointed in him for not having any big dreams, and this bums Joe out. Meanwhile, Joe’s best friend Mike is class valedictorian, an engineer, an athlete and a person of color, so you can imagine how stressful his life must be, and why he needs to, uh, relax once in a while. And Joe is jealous of Mike because Joe’s dad really wishes Joe would be more like Mike.

I realize you have questions for me, so I’m going to interview myself and answer those questions for you.

Q. Why did you write this stoner comedy, G.G? HUH?
Those of you who know me well also know that in high school I was pretty boring. I never drank, and didn’t smoke pot. So, in this book, I wanted to explore some personalities that were different from my own, and that’s the beauty of being a writer. You get to be someone other than yourself through the written word.

Q. Really? There’s gotta be a better reason, G.G.
Okay, you’re right. There’s more. It wasn’t until I had lived in Seattle for almost ten years that I learned that almost everyone around me here has smoked marijuana at some point, and quite a few people I’m familiar with here are regular stoners, but I never knew.

Like, never. This seriously blew my mind.

These people are engineers, coders, top-level execs. They hold down intense jobs, and they go home and unwind every night with, uh, the green stuff. This ran counter to the stereotypical stoner we see so often in the media: the stoner-idiot caricature person who’s portrayed as a loser. So in Stoners VS Moaners, I subvert the loser stereotype, showing you the thoughts and feelings of a real person who’s also smarter than you think, and just chooses not to participate in life the way everyone else does. Maybe stoners are smarter than the rest of us.*

Q. But you’ve never been high before, G.G. How can you write it about it?
Well, there are plenty of authors who write about esoteric subjects such as…serial killers…without having offed anyone themselves. Amirite?

Research allows writers to pull off things they have no personal experience with. I’ve interviewed people at length about their, ahem, experiences with the green. AND, rest your pretty little heads, I did try some myself while writing this book, and my next blog posts will be about my experience. It’s legal here in WA, so, I can do this without getting arrested. Unlike serial killing.

Q. I wanted another story about Clarissa and Cokie and Lila. When I am going to get that?
You’re in luck, my friends, because Clarissa and friends show up in Stoners at some point. How, though, is a surprise. Shhhh. Plus, Cokie is getting her very own book soon, a prequel to VTZH. (A teaser from that prequel might be in Stoners. SHHHHH!)

Q. Release date. WE NEED A RELEASE DATE. No pressure, or anything.
Hmmm, yes. Release date. I’m hoping for prom season 2016. So that’s May/June. Extra special fans (peeps on my mailing list) might get it earlier. Cross your fingers. It’s going well though—I recently spent a few days hiding in a cabin and polishing the fourth and final draft, and now my editor is doing a final proofread before it goes into production. He loved it, and my crit group and beta readers also gave it the thumbs up, saying it was even more fun than VTZH.


I have to run, but thanks for coming with me on this crazy journey. Keep an eye on my Facebook page because I may start giving out free ebook copies of VTZH when Stoners launches, to get people into the series. In the meantime, watch my blog closely, because the next 2 posts will be about my experimentation with the “green stuff” to get in the heads of my characters. It will be funny, I promise.

Oh God, my mom is going to kill me.

*Controversy surrounded Bill Clinton in the 90s when he ran for president and it was discovered he had smoked pot in college, but also claimed he “didn’t inhale”. As it turned out, nobody cared whether or not Bill smoked pot, and he won the presidency.

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