Perseverance, manners, and having tea with the Queen.

I’m writing this post today not because I’m particularly good at perseverance, but because I have lots of failure under my belt, and hope someone can learn from me falling flat on my face time and time again. So I’m gonna tell you a story —a cautionary tale, really, about giving up too soon. Make some popcorn, and round up your chairs. This is a good one.

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Patience, writers, patience.

PatienceIsAVirtueWe live in an era of instant gratification, where almost anything we want, at least here in the First World, is available in a blink, like drive-through food or one-click shopping. Our attention spans are shorter, our frustration threshold lower. We squirm when there’s even the smallest line at the ATM, or when our download speeds are a second too slow.

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