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Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress was a finalist for the North Street Book Prize. WOOOOOT!

VTZH_3d_BLOGHEADERBack in February it was announced that VTZH was a finalist for the North Street Book Prize in Independent Publishing (scroll all the way down in the announcement link to see my name), but I was too busy to let everyone know. It was a few days before Valentine’s Day, and one of the best Valentine’s gifts I’ve ever received. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m finally shouting it from the treetops in the form of a blog post. 🙂

The North Street Book Prize is new; this is the first year it has been offered. I’m extremely proud, because that book is my baby and I took the utmost care in writing it. I even designed the cover and the paperback’s interior, but I’m a graphic designer by day, so that wasn’t a stretch. My editor, Devin Griffiths, took the utmost care in polishing the manuscript. My beta readers and crit group were also instrumental along the way—they gave me critical feedback that I most definitely implemented. Publishing this book was a community effort, so I want all of us to pat ourselves on the back.

Pop open some bubbly. Eat some celebratory cake. We did it!