Writing and Publishing Coach

If you’re an aspiring writer, and are looking for guidance on how to make your dreams of becoming an author a reality, I can help!

Over a decade ago, I was writing little scraps of stories in secret, and didn’t know how to grow my work as a writer.

I didn’t have the faintest idea of what made a story work, or how to get it published.

I slowly began taking workshops and educating myself. I also wrote a lot and read a lot, and after years of trial, error, and dogged perseverance, I began to see results.

My work started getting published, and started receiving awards. I even taught myself about indie publishing, and indie-published two teen novels, one of which was also a finalist for an award.

The bottom line: I put in the time, and achieved my goals.

I can help you do it too!

I offer creative writing classes, but they come around only every so often. Working with me directly, as a writing coach, can help you put together an action plan to achieve your dreams faster.

If a lot of what’s holding you back is plain old fear—don’t worry, I have strategies for that.

As someone who learned how to cope with their own fear, and overcome it, I can only tell you this:

Guess what?

Everything you need to be a writer is already inside you.

And I’ll help you coax it out.

I’m a natural-born cheerleader. And I’m ready to take the journey with you.

Contact me for rates. I really look forward to working with you. GO, YOU!